About EdForAll

EdForAll (Education for All) is the revolutionary educational solution that seeks to give hope to those students to awaken their potential against all odds. The EdForAll initiative is a revolutionary, disruptive, technology-driven, online higher education programme delivering accredited, high-quality internationally recognised MBAs, bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes. Students pay a monthly portal fee from as little as R500 (₹12,900, ₦15,000 or US$35) for the duration of their studies, giving them full access to online learning materials and lectures to study towards their chosen qualification.

Ms. Indherani Reddy, Head of the EdForAll programme, says: “We are honoured to be able to make this important contribution to the world. We wish to wipe away the tears of all parents who cannot afford to pay for the higher education of their children. Our mission is to create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy.”

Our Partners

Regenesys Business School, South Africa

Regenesys Business School was founded in South Africa in 1998 by Chairperson Dr. Marko Saravanja, Dean Dr. Penny Law, and Executive Director Mr. William Vivian.

The Business School boasts a faculty of over 100 highly skilled, expert educators and facilitators, offering students a wide range of courses and qualifications to register for, from higher certificate courses to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business management, public management, law and commerce.

The Regenesys differentiator that sets them apart from other institutions of higher learning is their commitment to approaching education and student development holistically – seeking to empower each student intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Furthermore, the school develops leaders of tomorrow with a deep sense of responsibility, social conscience, moral fortitude and a commitment to ethical conviction.

Regenesys India

Regenesys Business School launched its campus in India, Mumbai, in 2013. Since then, the school has offered quality, world-class, internationally recognised qualifications across India, the gateway to Asia, along with their unique holistic approach.

Regenesys India brings a unique approach to higher education that benefits every student making his or her way through a Regenesys qualification, particularly through student and academic exchange programmes, resulting in a well-rounded, global experience for the duration of study, in addition to providing an invaluable opportunity to network with people from an emerging economy that is poised to become a world leader in business, leadership and management.

Regenesys Nigeria

Regenesys Nigeria, situated on Victoria Island, has cemented the Regenesys Group’s footprint in the capital city of the ‘Giant of Africa’. With Nigeria boasting the largest economy on the continent, providing a sound and world-accredited business and management education platform is essential to taking African excellence to the next level. Through student and faculty interchanges, learners across all three campuses are exposed to international networking opportunities and contact, resulting in a well-rounded and comprehensive academic experience.

Regenesys School of Public Management

Headed by Professor Marvin Kambuwa, the Regenesys School of Public Management has a proud track record of providing quality, relevant and game-changing courses in public management. The school is centred around principles of good governance, ethical leadership and meaningful public management. EdForAll students qualifying through the school will be future leaders that are focused on eradicating poverty, corruption, and other societal ills, and will benefit from joining a network of countless alumni who hold key positions in provincial and national governments as well as NGOs around the world.

Dananda Talent

Dananda Talent is a recruitment agency looking to make a difference in the lives of graduates by striving to offer them the best kickboard to their future careers. They aim to find the most future-focused, qualified people that are savvy and understand the nature and needs of a future that is becoming more intrinsically tied to technology, innovation, and rapid changes. Upon graduating, EdForAll students will be assisted by Dananda Talent’s seasoned staff with the following: The creation of a stand-out CV, undergoing intensive interview training, acquiring personal branding skills, being assisted in securing interviews, possible internships and other invaluable advantages.